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Mumbai’s newly elected MPs outline priorities, projects for constituencies | Mumbai News

Tuesday marks a fortnight since the day six of Mumbai’s politicians marked their entry as Members of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. Alongside savouring their victories, these representatives have begun formulating strategies and prioritising projects for their respective constituencies. From addressing the congestion on Mumbai’s suburban stations to ensuring the quick implementation of various slum rehabilitation projects, the city’s MPs have already hit the drawing board to prioritise projects they plan to execute as MPs.

For Mumbai South constituency’s MP elect, Arvind Sawant from Sena (UBT), creating employment opportunities through development works ranks and ensuring rapid development of the city’s eastern waterfront are on top of his mind. “In the constituency, a key work we want done is development in areas under Mumbai Port Trust alongside National Textile Corporation. Mumbai’s east coast, under Mumbai Port Trust, needs development, especially commercial aspects that will create employment. Furthermore, Mumbai Port also charges heavy rent from its tenants which is another issue we will focus on,” Mumbai South MP from Sena (UBT) Arvind Sawant said.

Varsha Gaikwad–Congress MP for Mumbai North Central constituency said her top priority to address the deterioration of railway stations in the city. “While we talk big about the bullet train project, lakhs of Mumbaikars are still facing problems of commute via local and long distance trains. These issues need dire attention to avoid any untoward incident especially in monsoons, and to ensure commuters do not face ‘inhuman’ treatment due to lack of facilities,” Gaikwad said. She said she will also raise the issue of lack of policy related to redevelopment on Airport authority and defence lands in her constituency along with difficulties related to residential redevelopments in certain areas due to height restrictions in the funnel zone of nearby airport.

BJP MP from Mumbai North Piyush Goyal, who is now cabinet minister for commerce and industries in NDA 3.0 government, too, has spoken about renewing infrastructure at local railway stations in north Mumbai. Sources close to Goyal said upgrading infrastructure in his constituency will be a priority for the MP.

For Sena MP from Mumbai North West, Ravindra Waikar, it is a priority to obtain approval of the aviation ministry to redevelop slums near Mumbai Airport. He said he would also work towards ensuring specialised construction guidelines for the housing needs of coastal fisherfolk residing within the coastal regulation zone.

For Anil Desai, Sena (UBT) MP from Mumbai South Central, undertaking policy decisions for redevelopment projects in his constituency is be a priority. With the several redevelopment related issues that locals are facing, the concept of smart–city has to be revived, he said, especially for densely populated urban areas. “I have a meeting fixed with Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRPPL) to discuss issues raised by residents of Dharavi. As I said in the past, we are not against the redevelopment, but it will be what residents want,” said Desai, adding that apart from slum-redevelopment projects, management of traffic and pollution control is top priority; especially the moving of RMC plants from Govandi’s residential areas which are a health hazard for residents.

For Mumbai North East MP Sanjay Dina Patil the shifting of the dumping ground from Kanjurmarg is the key priority. “I have already begun paperwork to facilitate shifting the dumping ground, but it will take some time to implement it. With monsoon coming up, we have also started cleaning the sewage line in our constituency to prevent the annual issue of flooding in the city.”

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