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More than 30 Gujarati tourists stranded in Sikkim after landslides | Ahmedabad News

Following landslides and heavy rain in Sikkim, an official statement from the State Emergency Operation Centre of Gujarat said Monday that over 30 Gujarati tourists were stranded at a hotel there. However, the statement added that all the tourists were safe in the hotel.

The statement mentions that several tourists from the country are currently stranded at Lachung village due to heavy rain and landslides in the Mangan district of Sikkim. The Gujarat government’s SEOC is coordinating with the state administration of Sikkim to obtain details of Gujarati tourists there.

The statement read, “As Gujarat tourists are staying at different hotels in Lachung, the exact number of Gujarati tourists stranded there is not available. However, details have been received that more than 30 tourists are there in hotels of Lachung. All the tourists in Lachung are safe and are getting all the basic facilities.”

“Currently, since the roads and bridges are broken, the rescue activity will be started from tomorrow,” it added.

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