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Jude Bellingham: What is ‘Wolf’ celebration with Trent Alexander-Arnold about?

Wolf, or Werewolf, as it is also known, is a card game that requires at least seven players who will take on roles such as ‘villagers’ and ‘werewolves’.

The basic premise of the game is for the werewolves to try and eat the villagers without getting caught, and for the villagers to try to survive – while catching the werewolves in the act.

Wolf takes place over a series of rounds and each round has two phases – day and night. The game starts during the night phase, with the player who is selected to be moderator asking the werewolves to choose a victim.

There is also a ‘doctor’, who is allowed to save one person, and a ‘seer’, who gets to make a guess as to who they think the werewolf is.

During the day phase, players discuss who they think the werewolf is (deception is the name of the game, remember), and then a vote is taken. The player with the most votes is then killed and the night phase begins again.

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