Why Karrion Kross Was Added to Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre Feud.

A title match between Reigns and McIntyre is already set for Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales, next month, and to this point it has been billed as an undisputed WWE Universal Championship bout.

The potential change in philosophy and the return of Kross likely have to do with the ascension of Triple H to the head of WWE creative and vice president of talent relations.

Why Karrion Kross Was Added to Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre Feud (6)

It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that WWE could have Reigns split up the WWE and universal titles and have him defend them separately, especially if the goal is to have one world title on both Raw and SmackDown regularly.

Triple H succeeded Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, respectively, in those roles. McMahon retired from WWE, and Laurinaitis was seemingly removed from his role amid an investigation by WWE’s board of directors into the payment of millions of dollars to former female WWE employees in exchange for them remaining silent about sexual relationships with McMahon, and possible sexual misconduct.

Why Karrion Kross Was Added to Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre Feud (1)

If WWE does move forward with the idea of separate world titles, having McIntyre beat Reigns for the WWE Championship in front of his European fanbase and then having Reigns retain the Universal Championship over Kross could be the best course of action, as it would allow The Tribal Chief to keep his nearly two-year title reign intact.

During his time running NXT, Triple H pushed Kross to the top, so it comes as little surprise that he wanted him back and instantly placed him in a top storyline.

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