Sofya Plotnikova arrived in Portuguese and spoke it very well.

Currently, Sofya Plotnikova is in Abu Dhabi waiting for her Now United victory.

Now, just like Sofya, we cannot see a time when the members will meet again following this brief break.

Without mentioning the fact that the group has already made it clear that they will go on a tour in 2022, Now United will undoubtedly return to Brazil at that time.

Sofya Plotnikova decided to speak out about how many members of Now United are missing.

Now United's Sofya Plotnikova is present, along with the other members of the group.

pursuing a brief hiatus in his own country of Rwanda. But instead of relaxing and spending some time with family and friends, the dancer decided to change the appearance.

We currently do not know when Sofya Plotnikova and the other members of Now United will reconvene following this little break.

Although Now United members will be taking a break from their work, we will see some of them reunite very soon.

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