international cat day 2022

The International Fund for Animal Welfare

 also known as IFAW, created International Cat Day to raise awareness of preventative measures for harming cats. 

 In 2020, International Cat Care took up custody of it

 It is a British non-profit organisation that offers the tools

people who live and work with cats need to take better care of their cats.

Cats are considered to be a very lovable and domesticated animal

 and as such, humans have a duty to care for and protect them.

 This day holds a lot of significance for animal lovers overall 

 who want to protect and provide comfort and unconditional love to these small creatures and to all other species.

International Cat Day: Know why it is celebrated

Every year on August 8

 people worldwide celebrate International Cat Day

This was noted by lifestyle writer Collen Paige to raise awareness of the annual need for cat rescue

 The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded it in 2002 with the express objective of protecting and assisting cats.