“I wanna know the story behind every silence,
what just happened to you that you chose the inner violence?
Did you just feel unheard so, you chose not to utter a single word?
or did this world make you feel highly sensitive when you tried to express your inner world?
or did you just find something more alluring within yourself than in this outer world?
it may be an unsolvable puzzle of your thoughts that you’re refusing to give up on it,
or it may be the peace in that chaos cause, you just found your comfort in it,
or are you suppressing those screams from deep within that just you could hear,
reason being, they demand too much work, even more than the fear.
Oh dear,

let me hand you a mirror,
help you see a little bit clearer,
how this silence is affecting your life,
if you felt unheard that’s because you haven’t found the right ears,
if this world made you feel sensitive that’s because they haven’t dealt with their fears,
those puzzle pieces are gonna catch one another, if you just put your mind to rest,
if you named that chaos as peace cause, you got habitual to it and if it’s stunting your growth, what you’re gonna do with that fake comforting place,
you’re never going to leave your problems behind by suppressing your screams,
cause, these are the warning signs before the real chaos begins,
keep my words for this,
‘Silence couldn’t solve your problems, though it could offer you clarity but, what you’re gonna do with that clarity, this is the deciding factor, if you will ever resolve your problems’..❤”

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