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There is everything to like about this animated film! The voice cast is impressive, the laughs are smart, the movie references are joyous and the animation is happy pops of warm colour. The movie opens in a diner in a Los Angeles where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist. Mr Wolf, (Sam Rockwell), the leader of the Bad Guys, a bunch of animals with horrid reputations, and Mr Snake, (Marc Maron) his second-in-command and expert safe cracker, are discussing birthdays before plunging into full heist mode (I love you Honey Bunny). Hacker Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), Master of disguise, Mr Shark (Craig Robinson) and Mr Piranha (Anthony Ramos) constitute the rest of the gang.

The Bad Guys – Comedy/Adventure

Shark is such a master of disguise that he stole the Mona Lisa by disguising himself as the Mona Lisa; if you can imagine a great white disguised as the most famous smile in art! Tarantula is frustrated by captcha to prove she is a tarantula, while Piranha is a bit of a loose cannon with a flatulence problem.   

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