International cat day 2022

international cat day 2022 (13)

International cat day 2022

International cat day 2022

International cat day 2022

International cat day 2022 – The International Fund for Animal Welfare, also known as IFAW, created International Cat Day to raise awareness of preventative measures for harming cats. In 2020, International Cat Care took up custody of it. It is a British non-profit organization that offers the tools, support, and guidance cat owners, veterinary experts, and people who live and work with cats need to take better care of their cats.

Cats are considered to be a very lovable and domesticated animal, and as such, humans have a duty to care for and protect them. This day holds a lot of significance for animal lovers overall who want to protect and provide comfort and unconditional love to these small creatures and to all other species.

International Cat Day: Know why it is celebrated

International cat day 2022

Every year on August 8, people worldwide celebrate International Cat Day. This was noted by lifestyle writer Collen Paige to raise awareness of the annual need for cat rescue. The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded it in 2002 with the express objective of protecting and assisting cats.
On this International Cat Day, consider the internationally popular Indian cat breeds.

The eighth of August is recognized as International Cat Day. The International Fund for Animal Welfare created it to safeguard cats from mistreatment.
Long-haired Persian cats have large, sparkling eyes, a round face, and short muzzles. They make fun companions for the home and are playful.

International Cat Day in 2022: Interesting Animal Facts International Cat Day: Domestic cats and other Felis species purr while lions and other big cats roar .One of the most popular pet breeds is the cat. Throughout the year, they demand the owners’ attention and pampering, but one particular day is set out for them. The International Cat Day, which is observed on August 8, serves as a reminder of how the cute species benefits the environment. Cat ownership has a significant impact on human health, even improving cognitive function. Coming home to your cat and watching its adorable antics after a long day might help you relax.

International cat day 2022

Among the mammals that consume flesh, cats are among the most highly specialised. They have enormous, well-developed brains. They can also walk digitigradely, which is when they do so on their toes.
The International Fund for Animal Welfare established the International Cat Day to honour cats and defend them against cruelty. International Cat Care, a British non-profit organisation that has been advocating for the welfare of cats since 1958, has been in charge of overseeing International Cat Day since 2020.

Here are some fascinating cat facts:

The typical domestic cat weighs between 2.7 and 4.5 kilogrammes (6 to 10 pounds). Male average length is 71.1 cm (28 inches), whereas female average length is 50.8 cm (20 inches).
The cat’s dermal and epidermal skin regenerates and wards off infection swiftly, claims Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Due to tiny erector muscles attached to their hair follicles, they can also bristle. This enables cats to hiss and arch their backs to terrify adversaries.

In contrast to a dog or a horse, a cat moves its front and back legs first on one side, then its front and rear legs on the opposite. Only the giraffe and the camel move similarly.
The cat’s body is very flexible. This is possible because, unlike humans, animals’ spinal columns’ vertebrae are held together by muscles rather than ligaments. As a result, the cat has the ability to oscillate along the vertebral line, extend or contract its back, and curve it upward.
Cats cannot chew their food because they lack flat-crowned crushing teeth. They instead divided it up.

Cats tend to be nocturnal creatures. A coating of guanine in the cat’s eye increases the retina’s sensitivity to light, causing the eye to glow brightly at night.

International cat day 2022

In cats, there is a strong tactile sense. Extremely susceptible to vibratory stimulation are the brow hairs, whiskers, cheek hairs, and tiny tufts of hair on the ears.
In commemoration of International Cat Day, RSPCA NSW is providing some tips and tricks on how to keep your feline friend happy, healthy and secure at home.

Keeping Cats Safe at Home is an initiative supported by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust that was introduced by RSPCA NSW earlier this year.
Over the next three years, we will closely collaborate with veterinarians, wildlife organisations , and animal welfare organizations in order to encourage cat owners to keep their pets safe at home. We have teamed with 11 municipal councils in this endeavour. The project seeks to change societal perceptions of what it means to be a responsible cat owner and to safeguard our local wildlife.

International cat day 2022

“We are aware that cats can be in grave danger when they roam. The RSPCA NSW Keeping Cats Safe at Home Project Manager, Dr. Gemma Ma, stated, “Unfortunately, we witness this regularly via our RSPCA NSW shelters and veterinary clinics, and we want to help, encourage, and equip cat owners to effectively transition their cats to a safe-at-home lifestyle.

There is still a long way to go, even though the project’s early data indicated that at least 50% of people confine their cats indoors or in outdoor enclosures.

“A cat kept in a secure environment at home will live 10 years longer on average than a cat that is free to wander. To better the lives of our cats and our wildlife, it is crucial that more people keep their cats inside, according to Dr. Ma.

International cat day 2022

Cliff, a feral cat from Broken Hill who converted successfully to an indoor cat
The following advice is for you if you’re debating whether to keep your cat inside or want to make the switch but aren’t sure where to begin.

Timing is crucial. It will take time to adjust to remaining at home, so be patient and take it slow. Providing plenty of time for your cat to adjust to a new habit will reduce frustration and improve your chances of success. Starting by bringing your cat inside at night and extending their stay throughout the day can be helpful. Utilizing the moments when your cat will naturally choose to stay indoors might also be beneficial.
The act of going outside responsibly does not exclude your cat from ever leaving the house. Cat enclosures or cat-proof fence can be used to give outdoor time for cats so they can breathe fresh air and absorb some
Cats must scratch; if you don’t give them a place to do so, they will find one (probably in your furniture). While some cats appreciate both vertical and horizontal scratching posts, others favour horizontal ones.

Cats are middle-order predators, which means they can be both predators and prey. Provide them with places to hide and explore. This explains a lot of their behaviour since they need to hunt, but they also need to feel safe, so they’re always ready to flee, hide, climb a tree, or engage in combat if necessary to defend themselves.
Offer opportunities for predatory play. Because cats are nocturnal hunters and omnivores, eating one or two large meals from a bowl can be unsatisfying. By hiding or dispersing food, employing puzzle feeder toys, and providing tiny amounts of food throughout the day, you can enhance the hunting experience for your pets

International cat day 2022

Keep snuggle sessions brief and delicate; cat skin is far more sensitive than human skin, making frequent pats uncomfortable at times. Felines enjoy quiet encounters, therefore you should encourage your cat to initiate and regulate physical contact in order to gain their trust. It’s necessary to get permission to pet cats!

Ensure your cat has been neutered. At RSPCA NSW, the intake of felines climbs by eight times as the temperature rises, and up to 500 kittens may pass through our doors each week. A pair of unsexed cats can produce 20,000 kittens in just two years. Desexing is crucial to keeping your cherished feline buddy healthy and preventing unintended pregnancies.

International cat day 2022

As cat owners, we can make decisions that are paws-itive for our community as a whole as well as for the health and safety of our feline friends.

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