How to Make, Keep, or Get Rid of Friends During Life’s Transitions

You never know which seeds will grow into a fantastic friendship


It is difficult to Make companions. It is more diligently to Keep companions. Friends During Life’s Transitions

Then, at that point, how would you explore troublesome advances with your companions?

Companions are not adherents. Companions are not likes. Computerized substitutes are a misguided feeling of character and solace; they are not human companions.

In this day and age, companions are elusive on the grounds that our lives are so transient. We can work from mountain towns, coastline towns, or metropolitan bistros, however more regularly, it appears, from the desolate limits of our homes.

I’ve never felt a sense of urgency to have a great deal of companions, however I esteem my confided in companions – my 2 A.M. companions, whom I can call and depend on whenever of day or night. During various times of my life, I’ve intentionally developed companionships that keep me intellectually, genuinely, and profoundly sound.

So, if life’s different and difficult transitions have you struggling with friendships, read on. I’ll share five lessons I’ve learned over the years that will help you develop, keep, or let go of certain friendships so you can focus on those relationships that bring happiness and energy into your life.

Friends During Life’s Transitions

You Were Made to Have Friends

You can’t succeed in life as a lone ranger. Having friends protects you from loneliness and all its negative mental and physical effects.

Having friends doesn’t mean you need to be the most popular person on the planet, but research confirms that you live a better life when you enjoy frequent and quality interactions with other people. No surprise, right? I’m sure you know that friends:

  • Boost confidence
  • Increase happiness
  • Give a sense of belonging
  • Provide advice on problems
  • Encourage new and exciting experiences

But good friends are hard to find, and you won’t find any if you chase perfection. So instead, realize that each friend can help you express your individuality, creativity, and curiosity in various ways.

Here are five things you need to know as you experience difficult transitions with your friendships.

1. Some friendships are temporary

Most friendships are seasonal, and that’s o.k. Some friends are just meant to be college drinking buddies. Others are office mates. While others may be your neighbors that live down the hall.

For whatever reason, fate brought you together for a season, but at some point, the wind will blow, and the relationship will fade away. Enjoy the friendships while they last; you have them for a reason.

2. Keep past friendships but not at the expense of current friendships

There is something special about good friends from your past. It’s fun to share memories, reminisce about the good ‘ole days, and find comfort in the people who just know you.

But spending time with these relationships should not be at the expense of spending time with your current friends. Keep past friendships that are life-giving, and be sure to end toxic relationships. But the past is the past. Invest in relationships in the here and now, in today’s season of life.

3. Invest in the future even when you don’t know the future

Making new friends is like being a farmer; you’re constantly planting new relationships to see if they’ll grow. You’ll water and fertilize some friendships, and someday you may have a beautiful friendship.

But not all relationships take. Some show promise and then wither and die. Don’t let this discourage you.

You never know which seed will grow into a fantastic friendship. I’ve constantly been surprised by this throughout my life. So don’t be afraid to take a chance. Invest the time, and those friendships that are meant to be will be.

4. Don’t be surprised when people change

Life happens. People move. People change. People die. So don’t be shocked or disheartened when friends move on.

People will change course on you for no apparent reason. And you’ll do the same.

Everyone and everything changes, and no one is the same person they were even six months ago. People develop different interests, goals, and aspirations, sometimes purposefully and other times through happenstance. Life happens. Don’t expect people to remain the same.

5. Be a friend to everyone

I’ve saved the best for last; it’s my Golden Rule. This rule has repeatedly proved true over my life. Years ago, I met a beautiful girl I instantly fell for (so much so that I immediately asked her out!)

When I realized where she was going to college, I mentioned that only one person from my high school went to her college (a small private university 1,000 miles away.) As fate would have it, the beautiful girl in front of me knew my high school friend quite well. When my beautiful new friend returned to college from summer break, I found out that she immediately asked my high school friend about me.

Luckily, I received a glowing and enthusiastic reference!

The lesson: you never know when different time parts of your life will collide; in high school, I never imagined that my friend would play such a pivotal role in determining the girl I would marry! The world is a small, small place; be a friend to everyone!

Friends During Life’s Transitions

Friends During Life’s Transitions

Wrapping it up

All friendships hit speed bumps. When life throws a friendship into a tailspin, here are a couple of strategies that can you help keep a friendship intact:

  • Communicate often. Share what’s going on in your life and be there for them when they want to talk. Consistent communication builds trust.
  • Be flexible. Adjust your plans to make time for your friend, even if it’s inconvenient. Make an effort to find common ground so that you both feel good about the result.
  • Show empathy. Listen and don’t talk. Instead, try to understand where your friend is coming from and show support where needed.
  • Be honest. Be open about what you’re thinking or going through. Ask your friend to do the same. Honesty is a cornerstone of trust.

Friends During Life’s Transitions

Friendships are made even more complicated by life’s transitions.

Enjoy them while they last, and use these strategies to cultivate, keep, and scrap any toxic friendships that come in and out of your life. Good luck!

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