OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord represents an emphatic return to the combination of style, features and affordability that made the brand stand out. When it arrived on the smartphone scene in 2014 with the OnePlus One.  It offers an almost-flagship experience – as our OnePlus Nord review will go on to detail. At a comfortably lower price tag … Read more

Xiaomi 13 Know before BUYING: A HONEST review

Despite all these eye-catching features, Xiaomi 13 will be remembered as the most expensive Xiaomi smartphone in India to date. At Rs 79,999, the phone sits next to some praiseworthy Android premium devices like Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, iQOO 11. And OnePlus 11 5G – all powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 … Read more

If you shiver in cold then be careful, because you may have this dangerous diseases.

Dead in snow

One of the most dangerous effects about cold temperatures is that. They come with an increased threat of cardiac issues, like heart attack and stroke, particularly for people with conditions like heart complaint . Indeed an ordinary cold season can pose a trouble to mortal health and safety. One 2015 study published in the Lancet … Read more

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