Attorney – Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Honors Department of Justice Employees and Others for the 69th Annual Attorney General’s Awards.


The Attorney General’s David Margolis Award for Exceptional Service is the Department’s highest award for employee performance. Attorney General Garland recognizes Supervisory Special Agent Jessica A. Nye; Special Agents Peter Ahearn, Jr, Blair H. Newman, and John A. Maser; Computer Scientists Lindsey Chiesa and Naomi R. Patrick, Charlotte Field Office; Supervisory Special Agent Thomas S. Breeden, Baltimore Field Office; Supervisory Special Agent Carrie A. Crot, Cyber Division; Intelligence Analyst Sean A. McDermott, Richmond Division, FBI; Assistant U.S. Attorneys Eric L. Iverson and Anand P. Ramaswamy for the Middle District of North Carolina; and Senior Counsel Ryan Kao Jeung Dickey, Criminal Division.


The Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service is the Department’s second highest award for employee performance; there are 15 Distinguished Service Awards being awarded today.

The first Distinguished Award is presented to Senior Counsel Cory B. Leuchten of the Office of the Assistant Attorney General; Trial Attorneys Meagan K. Bellshaw, Brittney A. Dimond, Collier T. Kelley, Ihan Kim, Sarah H. Licht, Bennett J. Matelson, Lillian Okamuro, John R. Read, Ethan D. Stevenson, Lara E.V. Trager, and Jeffrey Vernon, Financial Services, Fintech & Banking Section; Economists Brian Clark and Alexander Raskovich, Economic Regulatory Section; and Financial Analyst John Griffin, Economic Litigation Section, Antitrust Division.

The second Distinguished Award is presented to Assistant Branch Director Bridget B. Lipscomb, Torts Branch, Environmental Torts Section of the Civil Division.

The third Distinguished Award is presented to Director Eli M. Rosenbaum of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy; Trial Attorney Susan Masling; Chief Historian Dr. Jeffrey S. Richter, Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section, Criminal Division; Deputy Chief Paul F. Stone; Senior Counsel Daniel I. Smulow, National Security Unit, Office of Immigration Litigation, Civil Division; Deputy Chief Counsel Brandon Josephsen; Senior Attorney William A. Lund; Associate Legal Advisor Ajay Bhatt, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor; and Special Agents Glen Earl Blache and John A. Witsell III, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security.

The fourth Distinguished Award is presented to Special Litigation Counsel Rosanna E. Gibson, Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division; Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Drew Yeates; Paralegals Ester Hernandez and Ingrid Westphal-Kelson; Victim-Witness Coordinator Candelaria Bennett for the District of Utah; and Special Agent Steven S. Hymas, FBI.

  • July 13, 2022
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